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Step into a more authentic, dynamic and compelling version of your highest self to make your business thrive.


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Dynamic Interaction is an online mindful-communication course for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to improve their person-to-person impact in order to:

  • grow their business or practice
  • experience profound personal fulfillment
  • achieve elevated professional success

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If You’ve Ever Asked Yourself Any of the Questions Below…

“How do I position myself as completely unique - so there is no competition?”

"How do I authentically influence people to hire me, or buy from me?"

"How do I acquire more customers and grow my business?"

"How do I feel comfortable presenting and promoting myself?"

"How do I generate connection & trust with skeptical clients?"


... You’re Precisely Where You’re Supposed to Be.


  • Flawlessly articulate your message with clarity.
    Voice is your most powerful tool of influence.
  • Approach new people & situations without hesitation.
    Propel new opportunities onto your path.
  • Inspire others to take action when stuck or indecisive.
    Reduce resistance and make them agreeable.
  • Walk into any room and instantly own it.
    Communicate magnetism with your body.
  • Read people & accurately diagnose their motivations.
    Peoples’ bodies don’t lie.
  • Generate a MISSION that inspires you daily.
    Say bye-bye to the burn-out and the blahs.


Thomas Bell is one of the most powerful people I know. He is an expert trainer in service to the person in front of him. My life is enriched every time I interact with Thomas. He has brilliance and style and a heart of gold!

Emily Peck

Director, International Association of Human Values

By using the techniques presented in Dynamic Interaction I began to create a shift in my thinking to a mindset of abundance. I took what I had learned and went from $70,000 to $400,000 in annual income. But what I really love about Tom is that I have never met anyone more excited about sharing, contributing, and giving back what he has learned to others.

David Robinson

Director of Sales, CardConnect

Thomas brings that unique blend of being able to communicate with people on the practicalities of earning money and achieving goals as well as helping them connect with their higher purpose on this planet, so that they can share their unique gifts with the world.

Felicia Newhouse, Ph.D

Founder, Mompreneur Soul

FACT: Social Intelligence Leads to Professional Success

“15% of our financial success is due to technical ability. 85% of our financial success is due to people skills like personality, the ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead.”

People With Off The Charts Communication Skills Get Ahead in Business, and in Life.

The art and science of personal effectiveness, like anything else that can be observed, can be learned ....and MASTERED!

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What Do You Want?

Seriously, think about it.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Now, consider this: all of your dreams, ambitions and aspirations…require the cooperation of other people.

Influence: Nobody succeeds in a vacuum.

We spend years in technical or degree programs to advance ourselves, when in fact…

Interpersonal skills have been proven to be a greater indicator of financial success.

Look around you. The people you admire, the people who are crushing it, possess this elusive quality….

In 16 years of training and consulting for organizations around the world...

I discovered the most effective way to generate influence in individuals is to elevate their Social Intelligence…in a challenging yet supportive training immersion.

Elevated Social Intelligence is what makes a person magnetic, likable, trustworthy, compelling…INFLUENTIAL.

Unlike I.Q, which stays the same over a lifetime, Social I.Q. rises rapidly.

The process doesn’t require you to memorize tactics, manipulate others or to behave unnaturally. Quite the opposite...

Social Intelligence allows your most positive qualities to shine brightly, so you show up at your best, in the moments that shape your destiny.

Warning: There’s Spinach in Your Teeth

A blind spot is an aspect of your behavior or communication that you cannot see, but others can.

Revealing blind spots can shortcut months or years of frustration, and give you an exponential leap, literally overnight.

With self-awareness comes epiphanies and ah-ha moments, and the inevitable expansion of personal effectiveness: new ways of thinking, relating, connecting and inspiring others emerge from the fog.

You have options that were not available to you before.
In this way, awareness is so much more powerful than knowledge.

“The biggest cause of low social intelligence is simply a lack of insight.”
- Ken Albrecht

The One Factor Most Responsible For Someone's Success is NOT Taught in School...Until NOW!

Discover my proven process for dramatically increasing your professional moxie.

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What Happens When I Press Enroll?

The 6-week course envelops you. We use proven adult learning techniques to ensure the course is accessible and applicable to your real life.


Video training modules present the Dynamic Interaction concepts over a 6-week period. You have lifetime access, so you can revisit lessons any time.


Put your learning into practice and dive deeper into techniques during the six weekly 90-minute ZOOM group coaching calls.

Limited Time: These weekly calls will be LIVE with Tom so you can ask questions, interact with teammates, and receive coaching.


Our private Facebook group gives you a community of like-minded learners to amplify your effects.

Immersion and application take front seat with weekly homework assignments and check-ins sent by email.

Don't Miss Your Chance!

The Dynamic Interaction curriculum has generated tens of millions of dollars in results at the corporate level. It is now available to the general public for the very first time.

Once we fill to capacity, registration closes indefinitely. Don’t delay your success another year or more - sign up today!







Social Intelligence

  • Learn how to give everyone exactly what they are looking for - and it’s not what you think.

  • Unlock the secret to projecting yourself in a natural, genuine way that allows your positive qualities to shine. This will open up many doors.

  • Discover what makes a compelling speaker impossible to ignore and BECOME that speaker.

  • Expand your capacity to interpret the intentions and inner landscape of others through radical empathy.



  • Learn to stand out in any crowd by knowing the visual and verbal elements of magnetic attraction.

  • Be assertive and spontaneous, even if you are currently shy: Know how to approach and communicate with new people.

  • Discover the world of banter and how it is different and much more appealing than small-talk.


Non-Verbal Communication

  • Deliberately change the meaning and dynamics of your communication using vocal tonality.

  • Use the power of appropriate touch to create rapport. These are little things, from handshakes and high fives, to a light tap on the wrist and the small of a woman’s back. However, they lead to big results.

  • Understand how NOT to tank an interaction in less than three seconds. You can lose almost immediately through poor use of smile, posture, and eye contact.



  • Get others to open up to you easily and quickly. -You can transform your interaction from light encounter to deep connection in a few sentences.

  • Unlock a powerful method for getting on the same frequency with anyone using my simple five-step conversation guide.

  • Explore the magic of deep rapport where unconditional love and trust reside.

  • Navigate the power of charged words, like little hypnotic spells.



  • Find a breakthrough alternative to sales that feels good to you and to others.

  • Unlock a powerful method for getting on the same frequency with anyone using my simple five-step conversation guide.

  • Command influence through questions without pushing, pleading, bullying, or begging.

  • Generate unconscious agreement by structuring your questions like a hypnotist.

  • Guide any enrollment conversation toward its desired outcome with the golden four-step C.A.P.S. process.


Value Dynamics

  • Tap into the secret of unshakeable confidence without resorting to false bravado.

  • Learn how to create teams of believers, followers, and advocates.

  • Identify the four most challenging personality types and how to pull each one of them onto your side.

  • Create affinity with your environment and fit in by identifying the different dynamics of places, companies, and events.


Getting R.E.A.L.

  • Learn how and why interactions get stuck, why people flake, and what’s really going on.

  • Master this million-dollar process to move any stuck interaction forward that eradicates awkwardness and feels great to both.

  • Use our sample texts and emails that practically guarantee an instant response.

  • Blow people’s minds and open their hearts by doing exactly what nobody else is doing.


Bonus Gift #1

(10-minute video) | $100 value

Invisible Forces: How We Sabotage our Social Success

This is one of my all-time favorite lectures. It turns on serious lightbulbs by illuminating the four most devastating social behaviors you can make—and exactly how to reverse them. A MUST SEE.

Bonus Gift #2

(10-minute video) | $100 value

Advanced Body Language Demonstrations

There are very few skills as vital as reading and interpreing the invisible language that every human being on Earth is speaking. It used to be an unfair advantage, but now so many are learning body language that you’re at a massive disadvantage if you don’t. (It's like being socially illiterate!)

Bonus Gift #3

(10-minute video) | $100 value

The Art Of Authenticity

Turns out your mother was correct. Authenticity has been used and abused over the years. But when you get it—and can pull it off—it’s like tractor beam. People will need to be with you—and won’t even understand why.

Bonus Gift #4

(10-minute video) | $100 value

Success Strategies for Introverts and Extroverts

This is powerhouse self-awareness material everyone should know. It takes less than a minute to determine which you are - and from there, how to make better decisions with three easy strategies for each type.

Bonus Gift #5

$49 value

The Behavior Matrix Powerpoint with Presenter Notes

In many ways, the Behavior Matrix is the bedrock foundation of Social IQ. It’s a personality typing tool that is fun, easy, and so beneficial that I use it every single day of my life.

The Time is...RIGHT NOW!

You've come to the right place.

Now is the time to take action on your dream and grow into the power-house you've always wanted to be!

Elevating your influence and understanding the nuances of social dynamics has a domino effect that will improve every single area of your life. I want that for you so badly!

This is my life's work. I am happy and humbled to be sharing it with you today. Please join me.

I promise to exceed your every expectation. And I promise to make our journey together unforgettable, life changing, and worth every single penny.

Its all you!


I am blown away! Thomas has tapped into such a crucial ingredient for thriving in our modern interactions. The idea that presence cannot ever be technologized or outsourced is pure gold. This understanding is the new currency of creative culture.

Chris Sheehan

Visionary Artist

Tom's material and trainings are incredibly practical and relevant as well as meaningful and humorous. The teams I work with have always enjoyed Tom immensely and have been able to implement his training in the field of action and see great results along with personal growth that affects other areas of their lives.

Annelies Richmond

Director, Yesplus Program

The time I spent with Thomas last summer opened up a whole new world for me to a happier and more successful life. I learned to communicate more effectively while using fewer words, but with more conviction and clarity. I highly recommend Dynamic Interaction to everyone.

Sharadh Jois

Ph.D. Candidate: Nanoscale Engineering, Albany, NY

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With Dynamic Interaction, there's no risk, to try this program out! If after 30 days, you are not 100% satisfied and don't feel like this is the right program for you, just turn in your homework, and we will give you a full refund..


This offer is only available until we fill up the class at 100 and close registration for good.

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About Thomas Bell

Thomas has combined degrees in Professional Communication, has taught courses at the University of Arizona, holds certifications in Transformational Training and Cognitive Belief Change; he’s a certified Hypnotist and an Advanced Practitioner in the field of Neuro-linguistics.

Thomas received 11 years of in-depth training in the Vedic Arts, spending four weeks in silent meditation in 2012, and is a Baptiste Certified Yoga Teacher. This melding of the consciousness work of the East, with practical, money-making skills of the West generates massive results for his clients.

Professionally, Thomas has consulted and trained for some of the world’s largest non-profit and for-profit organizations, and given key notes at major Universities.

Most recently, he served as a Senior Executive with HPS, a Fortune 1000 company he helped take public. Over a 12-year period, Thomas held every position in the HPS sales organization, from entry level Relationship Manager, to the Director of Training, where he authored the company’s sales, leadership, and communication process and trained more than 2,000 individuals during his time there.

His mission is to raise consciousness on the planet by creating awareness in individuals and organizations.