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Dynamic Interaction will Show You HOW to...

  • Approach new people with clarity and confidence
  • Project the best possible version of yourself when it matters most.
  • Command influence, and inspire others to take action.

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Connect with more people, have more fun, make more money.....and move through life in an entirely uncommon way.

DYNAMIC INTERACTION is an exclusive online learning experience for smart entrepreneurs, authentic sales people, and young professionals who want to succeed on their own terms and positively impact the world around them.


Maybe you’re a coach, a consultant, or in sales

Maybe you’re a coach, a consultant, or in sales and want to enhance your skills and expand your business to make a positive difference in the world AND a boat-load of money…

Maybe you’re a young professional

Maybe you’re a young professional and want to prove you’re qualified for that lucrative job to secure your move up the ladder of your industry…

Maybe you’re a smart entrepreneur.

Maybe you’re a smart entrepreneur with solid ambitions and genius ideas, and want to ensure you can communicate your plan to win investors over…


  • You are independent, chart your own path, and refuse to be put into a box
  • You understand that success without fulfillment is failure
  • You believe that your personal integrity is among your greatest assets
  • You want to work smarter, not harder, and generate massive long-term wealth

“It’s a messy world out there. There is so much competition and white noise. We must be crystal clear in who we are—how we are presenting ourselves, and how we are being perceived by others.”
-Steve Jobs

No matter who you are, DYNAMIC INTERACTION can benefit your professional and personal life

You may have heard: Communication is everything. This profound knowledge has made such a extraordinary difference in my life, and in the lives of countless others, I’d like to share it with you today. Consider yourself personally invited!

Elevating your Social IQ is easier than you think. And doing so will improve every single aspect of your life.

DYNAMIC INTERACTION is an engaging, thought-provoking, and highly original learning experience that provides cutting edge insights and techniques into the topic that fascinates us most: US!


Your ambitions and dreams, your prosperity and success, all move through other people.

Here’s the thing… No one succeeds in a vacuum. You may have a brilliant business plan; million dollar idea; aspirations and optimism that are sky high; and then, BAM!


People don’t cooperate with you; they don’t get it. It can be deflating and defeating to say the least.

We tend to over idealize the concept itself and underestimate the difficulty in enrolling others to cooperate and support our efforts to succeed.


  • You’re passionate about what you do, you have talent, but when you speak, your words fail to land with the impact you prefer.
  • You’re uncomfortable “selling” yourself or promoting your service, and your personal brand needs an upgrade.
  • You’re coping with a cast of difficult characters in your life whose behavior is erratic and motivations unclear.
  • Your business and social life have become stagnant; you’ve either plateaued or are simply uninspired, and you suspect the problem—and the solution—lies within you.


Stack enough awkward interactions, missed opportunities, muffed encounters, fumbled introductions, and misinterpretations together in a day, week, month, year—and goals are not met.

Maybe this has happened to you… You miss the boat; lose the job; get passed over for the promotion; don’t get the date; blow the big deal; come in second place.

Poor interactions at the foundation of our efforts create a domino effect.

You get exhausted by the grind; disappointed by life; discouraged by missed opportunities, all the while still struggling to pay the bills and stay afloat. You either give up on your dreams or settle—settle for relationships that don’t inspire and careers that don’t call upon your highest talents.

Because our happiness is directly linked to our ability to engage, connect, impact, and influence others, every time we open our mouth and chicken feathers come out, a little part of us dies inside.

A Harvard University 80-year men’s study showed that having strained, stressful, stuck, or unfulfilling relationships is more dangerous to your health than smoking cigarettes.

"Loneliness kills. It is as powerful as smoking or alcoholism." --Robert Waldinger


When you stack enough successful interactions together—over the course of a day, a week, a month, a year—really good things happen…

Momentum builds. The right people appear. Opportunity knocks. You tend to get lucky. And dreams come true…

Look around you. Look at the people you most admire in life and in business.

When you trace prosperity, success, and fulfillment back to their source, you’ll most always find this elusive quality:

1. Projecting the very best version of yourself every time: Your voice, your body, and the content of your message all make a difference.

2. Effectively reading and interpreting people: The inner landscape of people as well as their outer behavior—and how to link the two together—forms the Map of Interaction.

3. Understanding how you’re perceived by others: People are constantly forming impressions about you, which we want to positively influence.

"Someone who has mastered the ability to respond dynamically, authentically, and in the moment—when it matters most—can accomplish virtually anything."

-Thomas Bell

My Story

My name is Thomas Bell and I am on a mission to empower you with this essential skill set – so you can get what you want and live the life you came here to live.

DYNAMIC INTERACTION is the course I wish I could have taken 20 years ago.

I grew up outrageously skinny. Tongue-tied and awkward. Never quite knowing what to say, or how to adequately express myself. I’d open my mouth, and a cloud of chicken feathers would appear. In college, I majored in Awkward Silences with a minor in Missed Opportunities. I didn’t ask a woman out on a proper date until I was nearly 30 years old. Beaten down by disappointment, I bought into the illusion of my own mediocrity.

I am telling you this because if you’ve read this far, chances are very good you are way ahead of where I was in my late 20s. If you’d like to hear the full story, watch the 12-minute video at the link below.

Here’s the summary of how this DYNAMIC INTERACTION course was created…

During my 28th summer, desperate, deflated and flat broke, I took a job that would change the trajectory of my entire life: door-to-door, commission only, cold call sales. Use your imagination. I was beyond terrible. The worst you'd ever seen. And I suffered mightily... but, for some reason, I did not quit. I earned just north of $10,000 that year.

  1. For the decade and a half I spent in commission sales and leadership, my life became a communications and influence laboratory—tens of thousands of hours spent meeting, connecting, impacting, and enrolling new people.
  2. Nights and weekends I nerded out: countless seminars and night classes in the subjects that would support my success. You can see some of the certifications I earned in my bio below.
  3. I applied the knowledge, learned from mistakes, successfully taught others, gauged results, and refined the processes again. I was a multi-millionaire by age 35, using the very tools I’d like to share with you in this offer.

The technology I am about to introduce you to transcends gender, age and ethnicity and has helped thousands of people step out of their comfort zones and onto a higher plane of self and social awareness. Confidence and clarity become second nature—thus allowing you to have more fun, connect with more people, make more money, and move through life in an entirely uncommon way.

I believe our destinies are shaped by critical life-defining moments. This could be one of those moments for you.

THOMAS BELL is a world-class expert in communication and influence with more than 18 years of street-tested, science-backed experience. He holds combined degrees in Professional Communication, has taught courses at the University of Arizona, and holds certifications in Transformational Training and Cognitive Belief Change/Consciousness Work. In addition, he’s a certified Hypnotist and an Advanced Practitioner in the field of Neurolinguistics. Thomas has also received 11 years of in-depth training in the Vedic Arts as part of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s lineage, spending four weeks in silent meditation in 2012.

He has also consulted and trained for some of the world’s largest non-profit and for-profit organizations. Most recently, he served as a Senior Executive with HPS, a Fortune 1000 company he helped take public. Over a 12-year period, Thomas held every position in the HPS sales organization, from entry level Relationship Manager, to the Director of Training, where he authored the company's sales, leadership, and communication process and trained more than 2,000 individuals.

His mission is to raise consciousness on the planet by increasing awareness in individuals.


MODULE 1: Social Intelligence

  • Learn how to give everyone exactly what they are looking for---and it’s not what you think.
  • Unlock the secret to projecting yourself in a natural, genuine way that allows your positive qualities to shine.
  • Uncover the distinctions of Clarity...that make a compelling speaker impossible to ignore.
  • Expand your capacity to interpret and the intentions and inner landscape of others through radical empathy.

MODULE 2: Attraction

  • Learn the visual and verbal elements of magnetic attraction so you stand out in a crowd.
  • Be assertive and spontaneous; know how to approach and communicate with new people.
  • Discover the world of banter and how it is different and much more appealing than small-talk.

MODULE 2.5: Non-Verbal Communication

  • How to use vocal tonality to deliberately change the meaning of your communication.
  • The power of appropriate touch—from handshakes and high fives, to a light tap on the wrist and the small of a woman’s back.
  • Understand how poor use of smile, posture, and eye contact can tank an interaction in less than three seconds

MODULE 3: Rapport

  • Go from light encounter to deep connection in a few sentences,and how to get others to open up to you
  • Unlock a simple yet powerful five-step conversation guide to get on the same frequency with anyone.
  • Explore the magic of deep rapport, where unconditional love and trust reside.
  • Navigate the power of peoples’ charged words, like little hypnotic spells.

MODULE 4: Enrollment

  • Find a breakthrough alternative to sales that feels good to you and to others.
  • Command influence through questions without pushing, pleading, bullying, or begging.
  • Structure your questions like a hypnotist to generate unconscious agreement.
  • Learn the golden four step C.A.P.S. process to guide any enrollment conversation towards its desired outcome.

MODULE 5: Value Dynamics

  • Tap into the secret of unshakeable confidence without resorting to false bravado.
  • Learn how to create teams of believers, followers, and advocates.
  • Identify the four most challenging personality types and how to pull each one of them onto your side.
  • Identify the different dynamics of places, companies, and events so you can fit into your environment.

MODULE 6: Getting REAL

  • Why interactions get stuck, why people flake, and what’s really going on.
  • A million-dollar process to move any stuck interaction forward that eradicates awkwardness and feels great to both.
  • Sample texts and emails that practically guarantee an instant response.
  • How to blow people’s minds and open their hearts by doing exactly what nobody else is doing.


From the desk of Thomas Bell

Look, I get it. Everyone is trying to sell you something, chasing the almighty dollar.

So, I’ll give it to you straight.

1. I am not going to promise you that this will be the best investment you ever make. Because my hope is that this is just one of many brilliant investments you make on your way to building the life of your dreams.

2. I am not going to promise you that buying Dynamic Interaction today is the key to revolutionizing the way you think, feel and conduct all your interactions. Because each of us assimilates and applies knowledge in our own unique way.

3. I am not going to promise you that achieving prosperity and success is easy when you master communication. Because it is often through the difficult and frustrating trials that our very best selves emerge.

4. And... I cannot promise that you will land your dream job or launch your ideal enterprise if you buy this product today. Because sometimes plans that don’t work out even better.

By now, I think you know if this program is for you. Here is my commitment:

  I promise you that if you take this journey with me, I will never lie to you or misrepresent myself in any way.

  I promise you that if you complete all of the videos and exercises in excellence, your self and social awareness will be expanded in ways you cannot presently imagine. Applying the Dynamic Interaction material creates epic results. Please take a few minutes to read the testimonials below.

  I promise you I put my very best into this course. I didn’t cut corners, or phone it in. The material is fresh, original, compelling and well-organized.

  I promise that my desire to serve my audience is sincere. I enjoy teaching and I am good at it. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing the light turn on in people's eyes when they wake up from the illusion of their own mediocrity.

  Finally, I promise you I will give your money back. If you’re not totally stoked and hopped up on what you learned, I don’t want your money.

Here’s the deal...

Having screened, interviewed, turned down, terminated, overlooked, and passed up hundreds and hundreds of young professionals whose dreams came up short has given me a unique perspective.

It wasn’t a lack of experience that got ‘em. It was a lack of awareness.


I consider these three items to be the edge, the X-factor for prosperity and fulfillment in the new economy.

There is a paradigm shift taking place in America.

It's not about WHAT you know any more. Or even WHO you know.

Your prosperity is riding on how deeply you IMPACT the person standing in front of you. Because 10 minutes after you're gone, they'll forget 90% of what you said.

What they'll remember is how you made them FEEL.



You’re about to put yourself in the absolute best position to succeed—before others even realize what is going on.

All my very best,

Thomas Bell

here’s what people are saying about Dynamic Interaction

"Thomas Bell is one of the most powerful people I know. He is an expert trainer in service to the person in front of him. My life is enriched every time I interact with Thomas. He has brilliance and style and a heart of gold! "

Emily Peck
Director, International Association of Human Values

"Thomas is great example of servant leadership. He creates space for authentic relationships to flourish and he encourages, motivates, and inspires those around him. By using the techniques presented in Dynamic Interaction I began to create a shift in my thinking to a mindset of abundance. I took what I had learned and went from $70,000 to $400,000 in annual income. But what I really love about Tom is that I have never met anyone more excited about sharing, contributing, and giving back what he has learned to others. "

David Robinson
Director of Sales, CardConnect

"Working with Thomas Bell has been such an inspiring and transformational experience for my teams.  Tom's material and trainings are incredibly practical and relevant as well as meaningful and humorous.  The teams I work with have always enjoyed Tom immensely and have been able to implement his training in the field of action and see great results along with personal growth that affects other areas of their lives."

Annelies Richmond
Director, Yesplus Program

"Thomas Bell is an inspiring, down-to-earth leader who has amazing pearls of wisdom applicable to everyone and every day. As a business student, I find that social and interpersonal skills are emphasized immensely. What I learned from Tom has helped me network successfully as well as succeed in interviews. On top of that, I’ve also noticed having better, more meaningful conversations with family, friends, and even strangers in day-to-day life. I would 100 percent recommend taking a course, if not more, with him!"

Apurva Kasam
Undergraduate Business Student, Georgia Institute of Technology

"This program offers something I haven’t seen anywhere else in my 15 years of selling. Tom teaches enrollment as a way of being—and that is invaluable for everyone. When you finally learn how to interact with people in a way that creates possibilities for them, forget meeting quotas and forget your job. Entire worlds open up for you."

Dustin Vassari
Business Development, Storopack

"Dynamic Interaction just may be the most valuable course you ever take! The time I spent with Thomas last summer opened up a whole new world for me to a happier and more successful life. I learned to communicate more effectively while using fewer words, but with more conviction and clarity. I highly recommend everyone meet Thomas and learn the many subtle things he has so beautifully tailored in a course. "

Sharadh Jois
Ph.D. Candidate: Nanoscale Engineering, Albany, NY

"The biggest thing I took from this course was understanding the value of my own self-worth. Afterwards, I was easily able to overcome the stereotype of being a young woman in a male-dominated industry. Thomas also reminded me how important it is to be genuine."

Brooke Bussey McCarthy
Beauty Guide, Limelight

"It’s rare to find people who have one foot in both words. We all need to be both grounded in reality and connected to a higher source. Thomas brings that unique blend of being able to communicate with people on the practicalities of earning money and achieving goals as well as helping them connect with their higher purpose on this planet, so that they can share their unique gifts with the world."

Felicia Newhouse, Ph.D.
Founder, Mompreneur Soul

"I am blown away! Thomas has tapped into such a crucial ingredient for thriving in our modern interactions. The idea that presence cannot ever be technologized or outsourced is pure gold. This understanding is the new currency of creative culture."

Chris Sheehan
Visionary Artist

"The map of interaction has profoundly changed my life for the better in both social and business aspects. By cycling through the different phases of the matrix, I am able to consistently earn the trust of my teammates so that my ideas are accepted and successfully implemented."

Saj Aamir, Double M.S. & B.S.
Business Operations Manager, OCC

"Dynamic Interaction has taken relationship-building to a whole new level. Tom teaches people how to bring their whole self into a conversation—not just stay on autopilot. Instead, they become engaged and alive and it results in a conscious connection that is also sustainable. There is nothing less spiritual than sales yet Tom has managed to elevate it. I don’t think there is anyone on the planet that Tom cannot connect with in a deep, meaningful way. "

Christine Clemmer

"I’ve been a top performer at every job I’ve ever had. And yet I always resisted the label of salesperson or sales trainings because of the negative connotations. What blows me away is that Tom is different from anyone else I’ve ever encountered. He has an essence and an appeal that makes it fun and easy to learn from him. It’s like he is revealing a secret formula to the methods I naturally do, but have never been able to put into words."

Judy Lea
Client Acquisition, Gorilla Pictures

"Tom Bell is both knowledgeable and passionate about his work; his timely humor helped keep us engaged and from taking ourselves too seriously. What we found through working with Tom is: team members who faced roadblocks of being unnatural or inauthentic, in only a few weeks, became more personable and were able to connect in a deeper and more meaningful way. We saw dramatic shifts in how we approached conversations. Truly listening, instead of only thinking of what we have to offer.
This translated into higher enrollments. Our team went from courses of 5 - 8 participants, to having regular programs of 30 or more. Within a few months this increased to 80 - 100 participants, with some courses having a wait-list. The team has always been dedicated, devoted, and committed to our work. Tom's coaching helped to translate all the love and passion we felt for what we do and want to share - into enrollments - and life long connections. "

Jameelah Caver
Program Director, The Happiness Course

I want you to feel really good about this purchase when you make it...

So, please consider:

I charge corporations $5,000 for a day of group training. Or, if they break it down into 90-minute modules, $1,500. And that’s in a roomful of people.

With the six video modules I am speaking directly to you. (I’ve purchased video courses before which turned out to be a camera mounted in the back of a hotel conference room.) I recorded each one of these in HD in a professional studio with a production team, and then edited them lovingly.

Plus, they are combined with visual aids and action guides for maximum retention.

When you add it all up, Dynamic Interaction is a no-brainer.

Here's What You Get:

  • Six 25-minute video learning modules ($3,000 value)
  1. Social Intelligence
  2. Attraction & Non-Verbal Communication
  3. Rapport
  4. Enrollment
  5. Value Dynamics
  6. Getting REAL
  • Six PDF Action Guides for follow-up assignments and weekly awareness tracking ($300 value)
  • Six PowerPoint presentations from each learning module, for easy reference ($60 value)
  • Access to four live-recorded, 70-minute webinars with participant coaching and questions ( $100 value)
  • PLUS: Five special BONUS features!

But before I show you how to get started, here's more about what I want to give you as part of this deal—all at no extra charge…

Free Bonus Gift #1 (10-minute video) | $100 value

Invisible Forces: How We Sabotage our Social Success

This is one of my all-time favorite lectures. It turns on serious lightbulbs by illuminating the four most devastating social behaviors you can make—and exactly how to reverse them. A MUST SEE.

Free Bonus Gift #2 (10-minute video) | $100 value

Advanced Body Language Demonstrations

There are very few skills as vital as reading and interpreing the invisible language that every human being on Earth is speaking. It used to be an unfair advantage, but now so many are learning body language that you’re at a massive disadvantage if you don’t. (It's like being socially illiterate!)

Free Bonus Gift #3 (10-minute video) | $100 value


Virtually nobody qualifies correctly. It’s been used and abused over the years. But when you get it—and can pull it off authentically—it’s like tractor beam. People will need to be with you—and won’t even understand why.

Free Bonus Gift #4 (10-minute video) | $100 value

Success Strategies for Introverts and Extroverts

This is powerhouse self-awareness material everyone should know. It takes less than a minute to determine which you are—and from there, how to make better decisions with three easy strategies for each type.

Free Bonus Gift #5 | $49 value

The Behavior Matrix Powerpoint with Presenter Notes

In many ways, the Behavior Matrix is the bedrock foundation of Social IQ. It’s a personality typing tool that is fun, easy, and so benefitical that I use it every single day of my life.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If you change your mind about my Dynamic Interaction program or it's not working for you, don't worry... you are under no obligation whatsover. You can can get a full refund within the first 30 days.


“Dream the impossible. Know that you are born in this world to do something wonderful and unique; don’t let this opportunity pass by. Give yourself the freedom to dream and think big.”

-Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Dynamic Interaction: Social Intelligence for Professional Success is now available and can be yours for only $299.